Three Hands Press – Amodali interview

Posted by on Mar 12, 2015

MOT text outline

For anyone who missed this last summer, an extensive interview  is online which gives an overview on projects past and present and a discussion on my upcoming collaboration with THREE HANDS PRESS. ‘The Marks of Teth’, documents 25 years of research and practice within the sphere of sex magic. The phenomenological and metaphysical structure of the female ‘magical body’, is often obscured and fragmented within western esoteric culture. However, as a result of the 19th Century occult revival, women are now exploring esoteric sexuality as a defiantly independent spiritual path and a body-centred spiritual epistemology is slowly gathering force. The Marks of Teth proposes a post-thelemic interpretation of the goddess Babalon that expresses a feminine magical signifying language which is wholly erotic and evolutionary. The book reinforces the primacy of embodiment within multidimensional esoteric disciplines and enquiry, interpreting the occult anatomy of the female body as an autopoietic construction with its own defining initiatic imperatives. ‘The Marks of Teth’ will be published by Three Hands Press  in 2015.


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