The Harlot That Shaketh Death

Posted by on Jan 26, 2019

I’m very happy to announce the publication of a paper, titled as above, to follow a presentation at the Association for the Study of Esotericism Conference that took place in May 2018. The theme of the conference was ‘Eros, Sexuality and Embodiment in Esoteric Traditions’ and the programme of the conference is still online for anyone who wants to follow the threads of the research/papers that were presented. I was immensely privileged to attend the fascinating selection of presentations given by so many highly specialised experts in the field of Esotericism, many of which were directly relevant and incredibly valuable to my ongoing personal research.

A link to the paper is posted below as a PDF, as at 13,000+ words it’s much too long to post in the format of the other articles/essays on this website. The intention of the essay was to extrapolate from the perspective of my personal practice into a wider area of discourse on esoteric sexuality, offer some alternative interpretations of the Thelemic text, Liber 418 – The Vision and the Voice and share other relevant areas of research and methodology.  The paper doesn’t adhere to formal academic boundaries within the study of Esotericism and is only applicable to a broader discourse on the subjects covered in the piece but it’s hoped that it may be of general interest to fellow researchers and practitioners.

Apart from the themes in the paper presented at the conference, I have added some comments on S.H. Jacoby’s biography of the Buddhist Yogini Sera Khandro and J. Bright’s Thesis on Tibetan medicine. These sources were among many valuable suggestions given to me before and during meetings at the ASE conference for which I’m very grateful, and once followed up felt too important to leave out of the final essay.


I would to thank the Board of the ASE most sincerely for supporting my work and give special thanks to Societas Magica for the award of a travel bursary.

To Fellow Babalon Devotees and Researchers…

The paper is free to download but as you might imagine it took a lot of time and effort to produce. I will be developing a Patreon profile in the future for anyone who might be interested to support my ongoing scribblings and research. In the meanwhile I have added a Paypal donation link below.  Please follow the Paypal link to make a donation of an amount of your choice, and then download the paper via the button below, or vice versa if you want to check out the paper first. Many thanks in advance to all who are interested to read the essay with or without any donation.





In Nomine Babalon