The Marks of Teth

Posted by on Feb 20, 2015

That dark red, churning void between my legs contains nothing, a vacuum . Yet within this seething vortex I have concentrated all of my life, my attention. To do otherwise just seemed a waste of time, and in any case there was no choice, the ravenous burning emptiness constantly sucking every drop of my consciousness into it’s unstoppable gravity. Obviously magical beyond any intellectual understanding, a quantum field of unfathomable mystery. I’ve lived in here, clothed within a raiment of writhing slippery serpents, learning it’s secret language of desire, warmed by you, your burning light drops..swimming in blood red/white Azoth. Enmeshed within an incessant cellular conversation with those who have joined me in here, melded within this sphere. I’ve forged strange magical children and nurtured those spirits and beings for whom it has been a home for a time… In the end this hole, this nothing, will swallow me up, it will implode and devour me, spew me out and spread me upon a carpet of stars unto the unfolding of Nuit…”

Extract – Magickal Diary -Amodali