Grail of Babalon

“Now I appear before you without disguise and without deceit,
For I am the essence of ALL-THAT-IS
and you are the essence of ALL-THAT – IS – NOT
and through us the worlds are created and destroyed”.

Anonymous contribution to L.I.


Liber Incarnadine was launched in 2010 and was a development from the ‘Mother Destruction’ project, in that it is a new experimental, liturgical form of interaction with the 156 Current which is accessible to all.  It is a continuation of the symbolism of the Graal and was designed to be an alchemical vessel which creates a reflective, creative and cathartic space to encourage exploration of the spiritual  aspects of sexuality.  Inspired by the writings of Swedenborg, Paschal Beverley Randolph and the work of alchemists such as Ripley, Vaughan and Flamel. It creates a virtual realm suffused with the erotic mystique of angelic sexuality. In which, unhampered by material limitations, ones erotic imagination is free to soar and mingle with other disembodied beings. Unto the Cup of Babalon, all is lawful.

Liber Incarnadine is the first, experimental, magical liturgy of ‘Incarnadine Temple’ a gnostic, illuminist body dedicated to research and exploration of the 156 current, sex-magic and alchemy. To contribute text please click onto any of the the ‘Ora’ links throughout the site. Please treat this space as a sanctuary for any disenfranchised aspect one’s soul’s yearning, erotic impulse, or any desire towards one’s ‘other’ that has not found fulfillment, be this philosophical, spiritual or visceral. The text will be seamlessly taken into the virtual grail to create an infinite love letter to our lady. Extracts of the text will be taken at random and incorporated into future Amodali performances, where they will be vocalized as chant.

Within Liber Incarnadine’s online manifestation, an invitation is extended to share erotic thoughts/perceptions in relation to one’s ‘beloved’ or ‘other’, the amorphous entity perhaps in which we are all enrapt, symbiotically merged in continuous internal dialogue. This could be a longing towards the spiritual, to nature, or words meant for a love that may exist in flesh or imagination. L.I. seeks to be a sanctuary for all the most sublime, lascivious passions. Painful or ecstatic, profound or desolate musings; aiming to raise these to the heights of spiritual engagement. To create an open-ended document, a testament to our sacred and holy urge towards union. It seems important to reconnect what could be perceived as fragmented aspects of our consciousness. Many magical and philosophical models for integration and empowerment of the psyche involve the conscious cohesion and synergy between, thought and word through all realms of manifestation. This forms the basis of integrity between consciousness and intelligence.  Silberer poignantly states “The word is more, and for the cabablists, it is nothing less, for example, than the image of which the human soul is created”.

It could be said that the erotic impulse and it’s manifestation through the word has been limited in it’s expression because of cultural repression and conditioning, preventing it from reaching a true artistic and spiritual elevation. Perhaps now is the time to create new forms of mystical ‘pornography’ that reinstalls the erotic impulse to its central place at the core of our creativity and raise it to new heights of artistic endeavour. Reconnecting word and flesh, as Sadie Plant challenges Socratic thought on this relationship, “the body is not ‘the obstacle that separates thought from itself’ that which it has to overcome to reach thinking. It is on the contrary that which it plunges into or must plunge into, in order to reach the unthought, that is life”. There are great uncharted mysteries of the flesh that should not be neglected because of the bewildering speed of our development through technological advancement. Within Liber Incarnadine we are challenged to engage our thoughts and flesh most intimately within a sea of digital desire. I believe that our collective sexuality demands transformation from within its shells of mundanity,  to release us into the next stages of evolution. This requires human beings of peculiar adventurousness and bravery, who can cast off the limitations placed upon this holy prima materia.  ‘Liber Incarnadine’ seeks to involve us all in exploring what sexuality is and can become.

“I am inadequate to the task of finding a vocabulary and language for these other realms, but first there was a rush of silent space filled with awe and blessedness, it was so vast as to defy any comprehension but within it I felt bliss of returning after being lost for an indescribable eternity. As he filled me I felt a splitting apart, white hot pressure and heat, layers and layers of old, dead selves began to shed and peel off, they gathered like tattered rags at my feet… (Contribution by Amodali to Liber Incarnadine)”

The cosmic tryst and lonely abyss abides in us all. Within ‘Liber Incarnadine’ all perspectives on this existential, metaphysical sorrow and Joy that seems to be the legacy of our human condition are welcome. All extremes of our experiences of ecstasy or pain becoming dissolved in this linguistic ‘grail’ to hopefully become a medicine, a salve for the spirit.This online installation in an experiment in widening the boundaries of how we express sexuality. Merging two sacred aspects of our intelligence, our ‘word’ and our creative life force. The Linguistic copulation encouraged within Liber Incarnadine creates a dynamic focus for the adventurous, unfettered, exploration of this polarity and many other dynamics, as well as purely pan-sexual libidinous expression.

“and then for just a few seconds you WERE inside me ..oh god, how does my dreaming spirit and body manage to recreate the exact feeling of your penetration?! The angle of entry, the friction, the splitting apart and dissolving, the screaming, crying, desperate membrane of my cunt..and then suddenly, savagely after just a few seconds you are snatched away again…and I am falling again, hell, hell, hell..but just to wake up with the memory of that feeling of you in me, still burning in my body…is indescribably precious….it’s all I have…” (Anonymous contribution. L.I)

The artwork above is a visual interpretation of the Graal of Babalon and is the opening screen on the site. The portal itself is the mechanism that displays  the contributions that have been mingled in the cup. The images were made from collaged photographs and scans of physical elixirs, menstrual blood and semen from an alchemical, sexual working undertaken between 2007-2011. This is a development of the Graal process within the ‘double vessel’ work,  featured in a future, sequel publication to The Marks of Teth.

Since its launch in 2010. Liber incarnadine is becoming an extraordinary document, thanks to the many beautiful, lascivious contributions by anonymous virtual angels!

Contributions are always welcome..

“For as thy blood is mingled in the cup of BABALON, so is thine heart the universal heart.”


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