Occult of Personality Podcast

Posted by on Mar 26, 2017

Live-Ritual Performance. Image by Carlos-Anima O

A belated notice here to announce that a podcast interview with the highly respected Greg Kaminsky is now up on the ‘Occult of Personality’ website. In the interview I discuss how my work with Babalon and the 156 current began in the 1980’s and how experiences of direct communion with the current influenced the subsequent development of magical work and ongoing musical, artistic and literary projects. In addition, other topics covered in the interview include, the evolution of female agency within the Western Sex-Magical Tradition, how Old Aeon magical models of femininity have permeated New Aeon philosophy and practice, the sociological and political reform implicit in the archetype of Babalon and, the radical implications that the eschatology of the 156 current holds for the evolution of humanity. Some of the distinctive esoteric aspects of my work featured in the forthcoming publication ‘THE MARKS OF TETH’ are explored. We also discuss the central importance of the Enochian System to the ‘System 156’, as introduced in an Essay contributed to the Three Hands Press Anthology, ‘A ROSE VEILED in BLACK’. The interview is in two parts, PT.1 is free and the Second part is available to the subscribers section of the Occult of Personality Website.