Dreamflesh – Serigraph

Posted by on Aug 25, 2017

Illustration – Dreamflesh Journal

In 2006 I designed the cover for Dreamflesh Journal. The Dreamflesh project was launched in 2003, the brainchild of (and edited by) Gyrus, inspirational underground publisher/writer extraordinaire. The journal was the first and will perhaps be the only printed manifestation of the project. It was a beautifully produced, thought provoking, informative and erudite anthology of essays and articles, concerned with the themes of ‘Psyche / Body/ Society / Ecology’. Following the release of the Journal, the project has retained an online presence, and Gyrus went on to publish the epic ‘North-The Rise and Fall of the Polar Cosmos’.

Recently, the Dreamflesh site has been re-designed and expanded into a collaborative platform. Dreamflesh provides a space that nurtures some of the most interesting, relevant and challenging online commentary upon ’embodiment, depth psychology, new materialism, psychedelic consciousness, metaphor and literalism, ecopsychology, myth and narrative, big history, renegade spiritualities, healing, sexuality, queer ecology, alchemy, hunter-gatherer culture.’ and much more.

Dreamflesh- Serigraph


Dreamflesh Serigraph – Detail

This new phase of the Dreamflesh project coincided with my recent forays into screen printing and I decided to create a large-format Serigraph of the Journal One-Cover Art to coincide with the relaunch. The design has been reconfigured in a portrait layout with some additional, subtle, illustrative embellishments that differ from the original. This piece is part of an ongoing series which introduces mixed-media elements such as drawing, stencilling and collage into serigraph techniques and no two prints are exactly the same. The prints do not have the uniformity one associates with more commercially produced screen prints and the artists hand is visible in the finished work. It is a 3-layer/3-colour composition (Acrylic/Fine-liner) on 300gsm Canson art paper.