Amodali. EBC Sept 2014. Image courtesy of Anima Nocturna

Amodali. EBC Sept 2014. Image courtesy of Anima Nocturna

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2017 Dates TBA.

Previous Talks

‘Liber Incarnadine and The Grail 156’

24th June. 2017 – The ‘Blood, Rust and Bone’ Exhibition. Walcot St Mortuary Chapel. Bath. U.K.

The talk introduced some of the key ideas and concepts that influenced the development of the online, multimedia project ‘Liber Incarnadine’, culminating with a short performance of a selection of anonymous text submissions that have been sent up to the L.I. Website since 2010.

‘The Marks of Teth’

6-7th September. 2014 – The 6th Esoteric Book Conference. University of Washington. Seattle. U.S.

‘The Marks of Teth’

26th November. 2013  – The Ecology, Cosmos and Consciousness Lecture series. October Gallery. London. U.K.

This lecture introduces some of the themes from the forthcoming book, ‘The Marks of Teth’, which documents 30 years of research and practice within the sphere of sexual theurgy. As well as a being an exploration of female, initiatory, magical formulas and praxis, the book is also an individualistic, passionate examination of the challenges of attempting and defining the sex-magical/alchemical ‘Magnum Opus’ as experienced through the female body. The phenomenological and metaphysical structure of the female ‘magical body’ as a psycho/etheric/physical map delineating female occult anatomy is often obscured and fragmented within western esoteric culture. The dominant narratives within mainstream religious and esoteric spiritual traditions have resulted in highly distorted perceptions of feminine spirit and sexuality. However, as a result of the 19th-century occult revival, women are now exploring esoteric sexuality as a defiantly independent spiritual path and a body-centred spiritual epistemology is slowly gathering force. The Marks of Teth proposes a post-thelemic interpretation of the goddess Babalon that enfleshes a feminine magical signifying language which is wholly erotic and evolutionary in nature. The book reinforces the primacy of embodiment as a foundation of multidimensional esoteric disciplines and enquiry, interpreting the occult anatomy of the female body as an autopoietic construction with its own defining initiatic imperatives. Amodali will discuss the metaphysics and praxis behind her sexual trance techniques and experimental, magical-corporeal language dedicated to the goddess Babalon.

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